Group with its clients. Research and development of new products, in order to satisfy the demands of the fast-growing Chinese market. Group at the same time also benefit from the competitive cost of production in China and the application of technology of the Chinese market.

With the rapid development of China's industrial common market, in order to expand business areas, is still scarce and technology of China, le is sticks to improve access to their products, technology and materials technology of core competence, which is currently stay to expand business in China. This goal will be through continuous development with the international famous company of partnership to achieve, and which have been proved successful in the past practice of validation.

Le sticks also increased its own product research and development efforts. A wide range of products and process ability, combining with the Chinese market and with a better understanding of the established manufacturing base in China, are le sticks to carry out independent research and development base.

  • Brand of Product Line Main Parts
  • 1、Guide rail:Germany Rexroth\Taiwan PMI
    2、Screw: German Rexroth\Taiwan PMI
    3、Spindle:Taiwan Kenturn
    4、Tool Magazine:Taiwan Chen sound

Operations management

Sticks, committed to excellence in management, in its operating companies and customer service organizations around the world are strictly implement the uniform group management purposes and procedures.

Implement excellent management will bring new Po is group productivity, international first-class product quality and price to provide customers with competitive products and services. To achieve these goals, by introducing a concept of lean production, sticks to the operating company works more efficient. In addition, le also specification of each operating company sticks to the ERP system, and between customers and suppliers to establish a direct communication in the supply chain.

Le has launched sticks to "le sticks to operating system", the system sets the global best management mode, in its operating companies promote implementation of the model of management excellence. Through the implementation of a unified, definition of wanda clear "sticks to le group operating system," le sticks will become the world leader in the field of all its products.

Quality management

We always follow the principle of quality defined by the customer. All operating companies in the group passed the TS16949:2009 quality system certification. Le group sticks to the quality system and implementation of six sigma together to strive to achieve "zero defect". To provide customers they recognized the quality of the products will make le sticks to achieve its goals.

To promote continuous improvement, we imported the six sigma management tools in 2013. Six sigma is a structured, guided by data and fact driven, can be applied to various fields of management methods. Through six sigma project to continuously improve product quality and customer satisfaction, the purpose of eliminating waste and improve business performance. At present, the six sigma project was implemented in the operating companies widely.

Since the company was founded, le sticks in the Chinese operating company to implement the lean production mode. For operating companies to establish a customer-focused, rapid response and flow manufacturing system significantly reduce non-value added activities, provide a consistent, operational procedures, steps and methods. In continuously eliminate waste activities, customer demand is the root of all production activities. By implementing flow manufacturing mode of single piece flow production, significantly reduce all kinds of waste, shorten the product manufacturing cycle and non value-added time, improve the internal labor productivity. Ensure 100% delivery according to the requirements of customers. To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

  • sheet metal stamping
  • shaft parts processing

Health, safety and environment

Le sticks to adopt the international environment, health and safety standards. By using the best management methods and measures, make the group's environmental, health and safety performance for continuous improvement.

Le sticks to objective is:

Satisfy applicable environmental, health and safety regulations and requirements

The ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standard implementation of the environment, health and safety management, and strive to environment, health and safety management system of continuous improvement

Take the best way to protect employees and the environment

Participation and environmental, health and safety system, and provide the necessary resources and training