Big industrial technology scholarship fund

wheeler to industrial technology introduction of scholarship fund

Le sticks to large industrial technology easy scholarship fund to Yi Chungong lady named 'is to reward for le sticks to make a great contribution to the chairman of ms Yi Chungong named after the first letter. The scholarship fund will be eligible for le sticks to staff to help their children, encourage them to realize the dream of further education in higher learning, the scholarship fund is specially emphasized to be committed to the professional aspects of learning in science and engineering. Set up the aim of this scholarship fund is to encourage more young people to study in this field, to be prepared for the devoted himself to the world in the future development of science and technology.


Conform to the following conditions, qualify for big easy industrial technology scholarship fund:

Applicants must be big yi industrial technology scholarship fund group headquarters or operating company formal full-time staff of children, and the staff has great yi industrial technology scholarship fund continue to work more than three years (including three years), as of August 20 a year;

Applicants must be high school graduates, and has been the country admits record of formal schooling of university or college admission. The applicant must provide the university admission notice.

The applicant must apply to the university of science and engineering or technical professional learning.

Application and selection procedures

Qualified and interested applicants need to fill out the application form, and in a year before August 20, submitted to the parent company's human resources department.

Each operating company human resources department is responsible for the operation of the company's primary, and before the August 31 each year, will be eligible candidates before 1-2 hr information submitted headquarters. Headquarters of the human resources department to collect all operating companies submit candidate,

Report the big easy industrial technology scholarship fund fund committee to assess, and select the winners at last.

Five scholarship fund winner will be selected each year.

Headquarters of the human resources department in the middle of September each year the winner of this year's scholarship fund list.

Awarded the scholarship fund

Year's scholarship fund gainer, will be before September 30, receiving a maximum limit of 8000 yuan scholarship fund to pay for a year in the university tuition fees (the scholarship fund payment will be determined according to actual tuition fees, and no more than 8000 yuan).


Between the winners and hangzhou le sticks to intelligent technology co., LTD. There is no any responsibility and obligation relationship. But if there is any transfer or professional change, the human resources department shall timely notify the le sticks to headquarters.

The revision

Hangzhou le sticks to intelligent technology co., LTD. Reserves the terms of this scholarship fund plan at any time and procedure right of revision and change, including termination of power.